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Profile Picture Anonymous | Author
My kid is having some study disorder . The root cause is me. I'm not able to help my kid. I have spoil my daughter's life
2023-09-07 22:17:11

Profile Picture Gurpal Kaur | Psychologist
Hello dear. I understand having child with learning disability is challenging . But blaming oneself for the issue that has nothing to do with parenting can be really overwhelming. There are multiple activities and ways that you can use to help your child. Its never too late to start a fresh. Please consult a Psychologist who can help with such issues. Take Care.
2023-09-17 19:29:31

Profile Picture Malika Maram | Psychologist
Dear Anonymous User,Apologies for getting back late. As a counseling psychologist, I want to emphasize that it's not productive to blame yourself entirely for your child's study difficulties. Instead, consider focusing on creating a more supportive and conducive learning environment at home. Open communication with your child is keytalk to them about their challenges, fears, and concerns related to school. Collaborate with their teachers and school counselors to understand the specific issues they're facing and explore potential solutions. Consider seeking professional educational support or tutoring to address their study disorder. Remember, acknowledging the issue and taking proactive steps to help your child is a positive and responsible approach. Parenting involves learning and adapting, and by working together, you can help your child overcome academic challenges and create a more positive learning experience.Kind regards
2023-09-25 11:33:52

Profile Picture Anureet Lamba | Psychologist
Hi, getting to know your kids age and all the factors that are stopping you from being able to help your daughter, needs to be known. A therapeutic counselling session will help us explore more about this problem and help you get out of your mothers guilt, so that you are better able to help her.
2023-10-07 10:15:22

Profile Picture Anshika Chhatani | Psychologist
Hello, Please consult a Psychologist and get the assessments done.
2023-10-10 23:02:08

Profile Picture Shruti Aggarwal | Psychologist
Hello! As a parent, we all aspire to be the best role-models & providers for our children. At the end of the day, our children are our biological carriers once we bid adieu to this world finally. I am sure, you also have the same motivation and intention towards your child's betterment as a parent. If your child is diagnosed with a reading disability, there is alot of constructive assistance today, to help your child cope up with her academics. Blaming ourselves and giving up in despair and helplessness, will not take you or your child anywhere. Connect with a Psychologist and a special educator in your area. Gather information. Talk to the management after identifying the extent of your child's disability. Ask for relevant accommodations. Check the below & act quickly & responsibly https://www.ldexplained.org/educational-strategies-lp/for-educators/accommodations-and-modifications/
2023-12-22 16:07:30

Profile Picture Vandana Sharma | Psychologist
Hi, your kid may be normal wanting to play or have fun instead of studying. Try talking to her about how studying can help build her future, or even better connect with a psychologist who can talk to her, she could be having underlying thoughts which are over shadowing her mind. Dont worry, its a phase.
2024-02-20 10:59:03

Profile Picture Uma | Psychologist
What standard is your daughter into.Are you a working parent?Any specific issues that are stopping you from helping your child.Kindly consult a psychologist to get a proper guidance and support.
2024-03-04 13:28:13

Profile Picture Dr Shalini Gupta | Psychologist
Take some sessions from me you will definitely find solutions
2024-03-24 11:49:39