Panic Disorder Quiz

Several of the following questions refer to panic attacks and limited symptom attacks.

For this questionnaire we define a panic attack as a sudden rush of fear or discomfort accompanied by at least 4 of the symptoms listed below. In order to qualify as a sudden rush, the symptoms must peak within 10 minutes.

Episodes like panic attacks but having fewer than 4 of the listed symptoms are called limited symptom attacks.

Here are the symptoms to count:
• Rapid or pounding heartbeat • Chest pain or discomfort • Chills or hot flushes • Sweating • Nausea • Fear of losing control or going crazy • Trembling or shaking • Dizziness or faintness • Breathlessness • Feelings of unreality • Fear of dying • Feeling of choking • Numbness or tingling


This test is not a substitute for any professional advice/diagnosis. Please do not self-diagnose yourself on the basis of the scores obtained. If your results indicate the presence of a mental health concern, please consult a professional at the earliest. A mental health professional will be able to do a detailed assessment and discuss ways to feel better.