Counselling Psychologist Anureet Lamba

Counselling Psychologist Anureet Lamba

Anureet Lamba
Counselling Psychologist
Session Duration:Upto 50 Mins
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12:00 PM (Sunday)
04:00 PM (Sunday)
10:30 AM (Monday)
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10:30 AM (Thursday)
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12:00 PM (Saturday)
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Language(s): English, Hindi, Punjabi
Education: MA, Clinical Psychology , 2014 | Diploma, Guidance & Counselling (NCERT) , 2015 | BA (H), Psychology, 2012
Expert In: Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Relationship, Single Parent, Bullying, Work Stress, Motivation, Self Esteem, Health Issues, Puberty, Addiction, Society Pressure, Parenting, Panic Attack, OCD, PTSD, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, General, Mood Disorder, Teenagers
About Me: A counselling psychologist with a vast experience and an expertise in dealing with stress, self-image issues, career related, teenage and adolescent issues, de-addiction, anxiety, depression, marital & relationship conflicts and more. Through empathetic listening and evidence based counselling techniques, I offer a safe and confidential space to help you work towards the problem solving & self empowerment process.

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Benefits you get from sessions:

Increased self-awareness

Improved coping skills

Increased emotional regulation

Improved relationships

Problem-solving skills

Increased self-esteem

Improved mental and physical health

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