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Profile Picture Nathiya ElumalXX | Author
I loss every thing I am so sacard my life
2023-08-19 12:48:20

Profile Picture Dr Kanchan Lata Tripathi | Psychologist
Book a session
2023-08-20 06:34:27

Profile Picture Malika Maram | Psychologist
Dear Nathiya Elumalai,Experiencing loss and feeling scared is completely normal, given the challenges you're facing. I suggest the following:1. **Acknowledge Emotions:** Recognize and accept your feelings; they're valid responses to your situation.2. **Reach Out:** Seek support from loved ones or a professional to talk about your emotions and thoughts.3. **Coping Strategies:** Learn techniques like deep breathing, mindfulness, or journaling to manage anxiety.4. **Grief Process:** If dealing with loss, work through stages of grief with guidance.5. **Build Resilience:** Develop skills to adapt and find positives in challenging times.6. **Plan Ahead:** Regain control by setting small goals and making a plan for the future.Remember, seeking help is a crucial step in navigating these emotions and situations.Wishing you great healing!
2023-08-21 16:35:51

Profile Picture Anureet Lamba | Psychologist
Hi, that is very disheartening. However I would like to know more about this loss and is it in terms of any relationship or financial or something else. The counselling process will help you cope with it and bring back the courage to face the life again.
2023-10-07 10:27:36

Profile Picture Meena Mudaliyar | Psychologist
I hope things are better now. Would like to know more .For remedy , start some physicAl activity. And relaxation methods. And focus on one particular fear in aday and process
2024-02-13 23:13:29