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Profile Picture JagaXnath Xgambaram | Author
I have been a very self occupied person and relationships have been difficult for me as I overthink and make a mess out of everything any suggestion to get my mind in the right path would be good.
2023-09-17 23:22:15

Profile Picture Malika Maram | Psychologist
Dear Jagannath,Apologies for getting back to you late. One valuable suggestion for maintaining healthy relationships, especially for someone who tends to be self-occupied, is to cultivate active listening skills. Often, self-occupied individuals may inadvertently dominate conversations or become preoccupied with their own thoughts, which can strain relationships. Active listening involves fully focusing on what the other person is saying without interrupting or formulating your response while they speak. Instead, strive to understand their perspective, feelings, and needs. Ask open-ended questions to encourage them to share more. This practice not only demonstrates your genuine interest but also fosters deeper connections and empathy within your relationships. Over time, it can help create an environment where others feel heard and valued, leading to healthier and more fulfilling interactions.Kind regards
2023-09-25 11:29:43

Profile Picture Indu Bala Malhotra | Psychologist
You yourself know that u overthink. Half the battle is won. Whenever u know that its overthinking distract your mind or distance yourself from that thought. The best practice is role play. That might clear my mind. In a relationship, trust is the main issue. I think your problem is that. That has to be checked as to why it happened.
2023-10-06 10:35:47

Profile Picture Anureet Lamba | Psychologist
Hi, a session will help us find the root cause of this mindset and habit, and eventually overcome it. Therapeutic process is a little time taking but it taps all aspects of your personality to help deal with the issue. Also, a simple way to start (temporary solution) is working out or reading a good novel.
2023-10-07 10:08:48

Profile Picture Deeksha Sethi | Psychologist
Hi there!Can understand your concernPlease opt for Psychological Skill training where your self growth will be fostered.
2023-12-22 12:53:25

Profile Picture Meena Mudaliyar | Psychologist
I hope you are better now , best way to deal procastination is to start the day early plus make schedules
2024-02-13 23:03:21

Profile Picture Uma | Psychologist
You will have to work on your social skills and also to plan your day in such a way that you can spare some time with your family and friends help balancing and maintaining work life relationships
2024-02-23 13:55:48

Profile Picture Uma | Psychologist
You need to take a professional help for improving your social skills
2024-02-23 13:56:27

Profile Picture Aishwarya Dahale | Psychologist
Hi, Overthinking could be due to various reasons, and self awareness is a good first step. We need to explore the reasons about your over thinking as well as how your relationships are like to further plan. You can book for the session where we can discuss further about this. As of now, to work on your over thinking you can start writing down in points what exactly is bothering you in the moment. Make sure to do this whenever you feel overwhelmed or overthink.
2024-02-29 13:26:39

Profile Picture Dr Shalini Gupta | Psychologist
Take the session of psychotherapy
2024-03-24 10:27:16

Profile Picture Dr Shalini Gupta | Psychologist
With my sessions you will definitely feel better
2024-03-24 11:48:05