Clinical Psychologist Shiksha Jadhav

Clinical Psychologist Shiksha Jadhav

Shiksha Jadhav
Clinical Psychologist
Session Duration:Upto 50 Mins
Language(s): English, Hindi, Marathi
Education: Post graduate diploma in rehabilitation psychology , Rehabilitation , 2021 | Master in clinic psychology , Clinical , 2018
RCI Registration: A78421
Expert In: Depression, Stress, Relationship, Single Parent, Work Stress, Motivation, Self Esteem, Health Issues, Just Talk, Puberty, Society Pressure, Parenting, OCD, PTSD, Sports, General, Teenagers, Self Stimulation
About Me: I am working as a rehabilitation & counseling psychologist and my specialty areas are career, marital, behavior modification, multiple disability,ASD, intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, developmental disorders and anxiety & depression.

Client reviews:

Thankyou for understanding my problem. I will follow your advice. - XoXXaX

Thankyou for understanding my problem. I will follow your advice. - PoonaX

Thank you mam , for listening. I will follow your suggestion. - Poonam

Community questions answered:

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Benefits you get from sessions:

Increased self-awareness

Improved coping skills

Increased emotional regulation

Improved relationships

Problem-solving skills

Increased self-esteem

Improved mental and physical health

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