Psychiatrist Dr Kavya Jagadeesh Vaggar

Psychiatrist Dr Kavya Jagadeesh Vaggar

Dr Kavya Jagadeesh Vaggar
Available Time Slots
06:30 PM (Monday)
01:30 PM (Wednesday)
07:00 PM (Friday)
Language(s): English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada
Education: MBBS MD, Psychiatry, 2017
Expert In: Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Work Stress, Motivation, Health Issues, Just Talk, Addiction, Parenting, Bereavement, Panic Attack, OCD, PTSD, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, General, Mood Disorder, Dementia
About Me: Hello..GreetingsI am Dr Kavyashree. I have done my MD in Psychiatry from SDM medical college, health and sciences Dharwad, Karnataka.I have very good clinical expertise in mental healthy issues like Depression, anxiety, Panic disorder, addiction , stress related disorder, schizophrenia and others. I believe in providing holistic care to my clients which includes psychotherapy/ counselling and pharmacotherapy as pert client's preferences.

Benefits you get from sessions:

Increased self-awareness

Improved coping skills

Increased emotional regulation

Improved relationships

Problem-solving skills

Increased self-esteem

Improved mental and physical health

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